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PRP for Acne

Our Beverly Hills PRP practice specializes in the treatment and removal of acne scars using PRP therapy and PRP Micro-needling!

Everyone experiences acne at least once in their life. Whether it is due to genetics or a poor diet, PRP Treatment Beverly Hills has a viable solution for acne issues. Our novel approach utilizes platelet rich plasma (PRP) to directly heal and repair areas that are affected by acne. Scars that are left behind from acne can disfigure a patient’s beautiful face.

To avoid this embarrassing issue, many may try to hide the skin condition with makeup to no avail. The physicians and medical staff at our Beverly Hills PRP clinic have found PRP injections and micro-needling to be an optimal solution to repairing these blemishes. By using this treatment, many patients in the Los Angels area notice terrific results that makeup and lasers do not provide.

How PRP Treatment Therapy Clears Skin

Individual Results May Vary

PRP treatment for acne works by utilizing a patient’s cells to repair skin. Whether it is adult or adolescent acne, PRP injections and treatment are applied directly into the skin for optimal results. The reason this acne solution has become so popular is because patients are able to capitalize on their own physical resources. Doing so makes it possible to avoid using harsh chemicals that may ultimately harm skin more than reduce acne. Each of a patient’s platelets is capable of signaling to the body where to increase healing and repair. Due to this, patients are less likely to have an adverse reaction to their own cells and improve acne issues.

The naturally rejuvenating process is virtually painless, thanks to the tiny needles. Although patients that undergo this acne solution are comfortable, sometimes swelling and bruising does occur. In order to prevent this discomfort, our physicians may apply cold compresses to the face briefly. Our physicians and nursing staff will numb up your face prior to the procedure for better comfort.

What To Expect When You Are Treated For Acne With PRP

This exciting acne solution uses a patient’s PRP. To retrieve each viable cell, patient will undergo a simple blood draw to extract the needed platelet rich plasma. Our doctors and nursing staff perform this portion of the PRP treatment and use special centrifuges to isolate the needed platelet rich plasma from a patient’s blood. The procedure typically lasts thirty minutes to an hour. It is recommended that patients drink plenty of water and consume a healthy meal before the session. Once the PRP is extracted, trained physicians prepare the viable cells for injection. With a patient’s medical history and concerns in mind, we create the optimal PRP acne solution. This treatment plan varies based on each patient’s needs; however, improvement is typically seen in facial plumping and smoothness after the first few sessions.

About PRP Acne Treatment Services From PRP Beverly Hills

We strive to provide each of our patients with the upmost respect and excellence.  We pride ourselves on our quality of work and professionalism.  All of the PRP injections that are administered at our Beverly Hills Treatment Center are handled with expert care. Patients that are looking for a way to improve their cosmetic issues, such as chronic acne or acne scars, may find PRP injections and acne treatment to be the optimal solution they have been looking for.

Individual Results May Vary