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PRP Therapy For Face

PRP Injection For Face (Individual Results May Vary)

Age, hormones, environmental conditions and stress take a toll on our skin. Whether we are experiencing a lack of skin elasticity or simply want to remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, PRP therapy for the face are an excellent, natural and non-invasive solution to make your skin look more healthier and youthful! At our Beverly Hills facility, we offer platelet rich plasma treatments for our customers at every stage of life.

PRP treatment of the face with microneedling is an effective method to increase collagen production, reduce wrinkles and remove blemishes. Although PRP treatment for the face isn’t the only option to achieve a youthful glow, surgical methods are available to counteract this process but often are invasive and require a long period of downtime post surgery. PRP Treatment Beverly Hills understands the dilemma of using invasive medical methods and prefer using a gentle, natural approach with PRP therapy for face. We want to provide patients with a safer way to rewind time and restore the lost youthful appearance. This desire has led our physicians to start administering platelet rich plasma therapy to patients at our Beverly Hills Treatment Facility.

What Is PRP Injection Treatment?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) cells are the body’s main line of defense in the repair and healing process. PRP cells are located in a patient’s bloodstream, which is where the viable cells are derived from. Our trained physicians will draw blood from you and isolate PRP cells or platelet rich plasma cells form you and administer it with injections and microneedling to your face. Plasma replacement therapy only requires a withdrawal of a small amount of a patient’s blood which is then spun in order to separate the platelet rich plasma into a different container. After the blood is returned, our PRP doctors will prepare the PRP cells for the injection. These healing cells are directed to troublesome areas during the PRP treatment. This process encourages the body to begin repairing physical ailments that typically do not respond to traditional methods.

Why Choose PRP Treatment For Your Face

Patients are less likely to have a bad reaction to their own cells. Due to this, the restorative power of PRP treatments has become very popular in the medical field. The treatment of PRP has been proven to be a successful therapeutic process and has helped millions of patients to quickly repair and restore physical ailments.  Capitalizing on the effectiveness of PRP injections for facial repair is the ideal way to improve complexion, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and resurface acne scars without the need for cosmetic surgery. It is believed that growth factors in the rich plasma are responsible for its restorative effects.

Benefits Of PRP Treatment For The Face

By utilizing a patient’s own cells (autologous), PRP Treatment Beverly Hills is able to reduce the risk of rejection, lower the cost of therapy, and improve the probability of achieving the desired results. Patients of any age qualify for this healing procedure; however, all patients undergoing PRP treatment will receive a medical consultation. During this meeting, physicians discuss the ideal result that patients are seeking. Utilizing this information, our trained physicians will be able to create a personalized PRP treatment plan for each patient.

About PRP Treatment Offered In Office For The Face

Restore the youthful facial glow that was lost long ago with a PRP facial treatment at our Beverly Hills Treatment Center. Our Beverly Hills PRP clinic offers viable PRP therapy injection that utilizes autologous plasma cells to minimize facial imperfections. Our PRP procedure is aimed at rejuvenating each patient’s desired target areas, regardless of whether the ailment is acne scars, under eye bags or wrinkles. Schedule an appointment with PRP Treatment Beverly Hills to start the restorative process now or begin the PRP treatment today by visiting us at our Beverly Hills Treatment Center.