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Beverly Hills PRP Treatment Clinic

We are the premier PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment facility in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles!

Our team of PRP specialists utilize all the powerful treatment modalities platelet rich plasma provides in the treatment of hair loss in men and women, skin rejuvenation, acne scars, stretch marks, joint issues and joint pain, tendonitis, erectile dysfunction and more. Our medical facility utilizes ultrasounds to isolate locations, numbing creams to numb locations, and the latest in micro-needling and techniques for best results and outcomes.

    Services we Provide

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    PRP face injections for rejuvenation

    Get your youthful glow back by treating your facial concerns with our PRP injections and plasma replacement therapy.

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    PRP therapy for acne scars

    Looking for a way to reduce your chronic acne or acne scars? PRP injections and treatment are the optimal solutions for you!

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    PRP injections for hair growth

    PRP Injection treatment is specifically designed to promote hair re-growth and restore hair loss due to illness, hormonal changes, age, and other conditions.

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    PRP injections for tendonitis

    Sports players, runners, and swimmers have a heightened chance of having tendonitis. The PRP injections are injected into the inflamed tendons to promote healing.

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    PRP injections for joint pain

    PRP treatment for knee and joint problems is perfect for those seeking a more natural solution to alleviate their pain.

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    PRP therapy for stretch mark removal

    PRP injections and microneedling an effective therapy as it reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

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    PRP therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

    Suffering from sexual dissatisfaction due to erectile dysfunction? Our PRP therapy and injections will help eradicate all the problems.

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    PRP therapy for sunspots

    Sunspots and blemishes are irritating, we know! PRP injection therapy will help diminish the spots and blemishes and give your skin the boost!

    Written by

    Dr. David Nazarian, M.D.

    PRP Specialist and Director of PRP Treatment Beverly Hills Dr. David Nazarian Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Specialist in PRP therapy and PRP injections for rejuvenation of the face, hair growth, joint injury, tendonitis, acne scars, general scars, stretchmarks as well as erectile dysfunction in males and loss of sensation in the genital area of females.

    Dr. Nazarian has been harvesting growth factors and cytokines in Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and utilizing its powers to successfully treat patients for the last 10 years. He specializes in the facial rejuvenation of the face utilizing PRP with micro-needling to promote collagen growth, skin tightening, sun spot removal, removal of skin blemishes, and the treatment of sunken under eyes. He also utilizes PRP injections in the scalp to promote hair growth and treat conditions associated with hair loss. Dr. Nazarian also treats a variety of joint and tendon conditions with Platelet Rich Plasma. He has successfully also utilized PRP to treat sexual dysfunction in males and to improve sexual sensation in females.

    Dr. David Nazarian received his bachelor of science from the University of Los Angeles, California, in Psychology and Biology. He obtained his Medical Doctorate degree from Sackler School of Medicine and completed his medical residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital, a University of Southern California affiliate hospital. Once completed, he established a practice in the heart of Beverly Hills specializing in the treatment of a variety of conditions utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma. Dr. Nazarian is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has received numerous awards and recognition as a top doctor in his field.

    Dr. David Nazarian, M.D.