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PRP Injection Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

At our platelet rich plasma clinic, we cover a wide range of conditions with the use of PRP and PRF therapy. We specialize in PRP hair treatment and PRP for hair loss in addition to PRP microneedling of the face, PRP facial, and PRP for under eyes. Our platelet rich plasma therapy and platelet rich fibrin therapy service includes:

Platelet Rich Plasma Specialist Beverly Hills

PRP Treatment Los Angeles

Welcome to our PRP treatment clinic! PRP therapy utilizes the power of cytokines and growth factors and our own bodies healing properties for regeneration. Once platelet rich plasma is obtained, PRP injections can be used to help combat hair loss, and hair thinning, to help in facial rejuvenation, in the treatment of dark circles, in the treatment of sports injuries, tendinopathy, tendonitis, injuries to muscles, ligaments, soft tissue, and other musculoskeletal tissue. In addition, we have had a lot of success treating achilles tendons, knee osteoarthritis, acne scars, stretch marks and more. Our office also provides therapy with PRF which is platelet rich fibrin therapy a more concentrate form of PRP. The process for PRP therapy is quite simple! Our blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and platelet-rich plasma. Through the use of special centrifuges, we are able to extract concentration of platelets or platelet-rich plasma as well as platelet rich fibrin that contains tiny proteins called growth factors and cytokines. These growth factors play a critical role in the healing process, tissue repair, wound healing and regeneration. Platelet-rich plasma therapy and platelet rich fibrin therapy has mainly been utilized by sports medicine doctors, in dermatology, and in orthopedics. Our clinic specializes in PRP therapy and PRF therapy for these various conditions and throughout the years our clinicians have improved and refined the use of autologous blood to achieve success.

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    HAIR LOSS Treatment



    Our clinic specializes in PRP hair treatment and hair restoration. We have been providing PRP hair treatments for over a decade! 

    There are different types of hair loss, but alopecia affects many men and women alike and is often due to male baldness in men and female baldness in women. PRP stimulates hair growth by neovascularization or the formation of new blood vessels as PRP injections are administered and by stimulating hair follicles via growth factors and cytokines present in platelet rich plasma. PRP treatment for hair loss as well as PRF treatment for hair loss are effective modalities in hair loss restoration. PRP hair treatment can be used to treat alopecia diagnoses such as androgenic alopecia, telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium, alopecia areata, traction alopecia, and more.

    New hair growth and hair regrowth take about six months to a year to be fully seen after PRP therapy, but one may see less hair thinning before this time. It is recommended that at least three to four different hair restoration therapies be performed one month apart for optimal hair growth results. Our doctors will review maintenance treatment options as part of ongoing care and hair regrowth. Our PRP hair treatment success rate is very high as we also look at all other underlying issues that may be contributing to hair loss and treat them as well. 

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    Patients that undergo PRP hair restoration therapy and PRP injections for hair loss typically experience hair follicle stimulation and hair regrowth in six moths to one year time frame. PRP for hair loss regrowth and rejuvenation stimulates hair follicles that are in limbo to grow back fuller and thicker.

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    PRP hair restoration can be an effective hair growth therapy and hair loss treatment for patients that are early in hair loss and the hair follicles are still viable. Hair growth injections are performed after the scalp is numbed with numbing solution. Patients usually see decrease in hair shedding and hair loss in the first several months.

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    Platelet rich plasma contains cytokiens and growth factors that stimulate growth and healing when injected in the scalp and near the hair follicles. Our bodies utilizes such factors to heal injuries and rejuvenate hair follicles. By extracting and concentrating PRP, we are able to inject it for best results.

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    PRP has been utilized for its effectiveness in a variety of conditions. Our medical staff can also evaluate other causes of hair loss that may be effecting you and help you treat those as well. Platelet rich plasma therapy is safe with little to no downside.

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    PRP Treatment Beverly Hills

    PRP Injections for Tendonitis

    PRP therapy has been in use for over 20 years for treating wounds and injuries. Its increasing popularity in sports medicine has made it a viable opportunity to treat thousands. The body treats injuries as platelets collect and clot at the injury site. By injecting a concentrated number of platelet-rich plasma at the injury site, the body’s healing can take place faster and to a greater degree. PRP injection therapy is regenerative and relatively fast in its actions. PRP therapy for tendonitis, including the golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, achillies tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, is very effective. PRP injections in the site of inflamed tendons have regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects. PRP tendon injections are performed with a local anesthetic with minimal to no pain or complications. Tendons will start the healing process after the injection and many patients see quick resolution of their symptoms and tendonitis after one treatment.


    PRP hair restoration is a non surgical procedure that is sometimes done in combination with hair transplant surgery. Our board-certified clinicians will meet with you and discuss if you are a good candidate for PRP hair therapy and the success rate of hair restoration. You may experience slight discomfort and bleeding at the hair injection site during the PRP injection procedure. Our medical team will numb the areas of the scalp that will be injected. Our doctors will also review other contributing factors for hair loss that you may be experiencing and will go over and start you on other treatment plans such as minoxidil, finasteride, and other supplements to help with your hair regrowth success. We are a full medical office; as such, we can also check your blood to look for deficiencies that may contribute to your hair loss. PRP hair restoration is performed by obtaining your blood and extracting platelet rich plasma via a special centrifuge before topical numbing the scalp and scalp injection site. Side effects of this procedure are slight bleeding and possible redness at injection sites.

    PRP Treatment
    PRP Treatment Beverly Hills

    PRP Injections for ED

    This innovative therapy is aimed at restoring blood flow and treating erections in men. Platelet rich plasma therapy and PRP injections to targeted areas help improve sexual performance, pleasure, stamina, length, girth, and more. Platelet-rich plasma rejuvenates the penis and restores function.

    We offer high-quality ED injections and intracavernosal injection to restore and treat erectile dysfunction in men. This procedure is sometimes called the P shot. We also offer therapy for women for increase sensation as well for patients at our Beverly Hills office and throughout the Los Angeles area. Our PRP Treatment Clinic provides services to restore, enhance, and rejuvenate your body.

    PRP For Stretch Mark

    PRP therapy with microneedling is an effective therapy to reduce and remove stretch marks. PRP injections and microneedling reduce and make stretch marks less visible or completely gone. This therapy can be applied to any area of the body that has stretch marks due to weight changes, muscle changes, or other reasons.

    Typically PRP treatment for stretchmarks is performed with micro-needling to stimulate collagen production and assist your body in its healing process.

    PRP - Stretch Mark

    Dr. David Nazarian, M.D.

    PRP Specialist and Director of PRP Treatment Beverly Hills Dr. David Nazarian Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Specialist in PRP therapy and PRP injections for rejuvenation of the face, hair growth, joint injury, tendonitis, acne scars, general scars, stretchmarks as well as erectile dysfunction in males and loss of sensation in the genital area of females.

    Dr. Nazarian has been harvesting growth factors and cytokines in Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and utilizing its powers to successfully treat patients for the last 10 years. He specializes in the facial rejuvenation of the face utilizing PRP with micro-needling to promote collagen growth, skin tightening, sun spot removal, removal of skin blemishes, and the treatment of sunken under eyes. He also utilizes PRP injections in the scalp to promote hair growth and treat conditions associated with hair loss. Dr. Nazarian also treats a variety of joint and tendon conditions with Platelet Rich Plasma. He has successfully also utilized PRP to treat sexual dysfunction in males and to improve sexual sensation in females.

    Dr. David Nazarian received his bachelor of science from the University of Los Angeles, California, in Psychology and Biology. He obtained his Medical Doctorate degree from Sackler School of Medicine and completed his medical residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital, a University of Southern California affiliate hospital. Once completed, he established a practice in the heart of Beverly Hills specializing in the treatment of a variety of conditions utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma. Dr. Nazarian is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has received numerous awards and recognition as a top doctor in his field.

    Dr. David Nazarian