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All You Need To Know about Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Doctors Who Perform PRP Injections Near Me

Waking up every morning with knee or joint pain is like waking up to a battle – your days and nights are challenging- challenging to sit; challenging to stand later. However, do you want to get rid of this ‘pain-full’ life?

Platelet-Rich Plasma injections or PRP injections are the new generation treatment for your chronic pain and traumas of old injuries. Not only this, for your hair loss, tendon injury, post-surgical recovery, and skin rejuvenation, PRP injection is the treatment of your dreams.

However, where to find the doctors who perform PRP injections near me? Read the article to find all you need to know about Platelet-Rich Plasma injections or PRP, Los Angeles.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Do you know your body has all the essential ingredients to repair your wound and injury?

Healing, renewal, and regeneration are natural processes for every human body. When you get hurt or injured, your body encounters a saga of events – the procedure of healing the injury and restoring your old health.

Platelet-rich plasma is the healing essential that your blood produces. It focuses on the natural healing process of your body – mending the injury, reconstructing the cells, and restoring your health.

Platelet-rich plasma contains two essential elements – plasma or the liquid part of blood and platelets.

Platelets are a kind of blood cell renowned for their clotting power – playing a crucial role in your body’s overall healing. They also contain hundreds of proteins, the growth factor essential in healing injuries. In addition, they initiate cell production and stimulate tissue regeneration in the affected area.

However, what is platelet-rich plasma? To simply put, it’s your blood when containing more platelets than usual.

Now imagine having blood with extra platelets, specialized proteins aka growth factors, and plasma – your healing power will become skyrocketing.

What Is PRP Injection?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP injection is a procedure of promoting your healing process. The injections use the concentration of your platelets to boost the healing of affected tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.

In short, PRP injections use your built-in healing system to improve your therapeutic capability and power. They stimulate or speed up your healing process, shorten healing time, and reduce pain.

The process collects blood samples and isolates platelet-rich plasma containing growth factors and cytokines. Later, the healthcare giver injects the collected platelets and plasma back into your body.

The therapy usually promotes healing the aches, pain, and chronic discomfort you may encounter due to tendonitis, joint pain, ligament tear, muscle injury, etc.

What Does PRP Injection Treat?

PRP injections utilize your body’s cells for healing areas that are difficult to manage under usual conditions and medication. This procedure can treat numerous conditions – from muscle and joint pains to hair loss.

Tendon, Ligaments, Muscle, and Joints Injury

PRP injections can treat several musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Especially chronic tendon injuries.

Tendons are tough and thick tissues connecting muscle to your bones that take much time to heal after an injury. However, the next-Zen treatment, PRP injections are highly effective in treating chronic tendon problems – tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, etc.

Nowadays, doctors also employ PRP injections to manage acute sports injuries – knee sprains, pulled hamstrings muscle, fracture, etc.

Adding platelet-rich plasma injection not only decreases your pain and stimulates your healing; it also quickens your return to normal activities.

Hair Loss

PRP injections are highly effective in treating hair loss problems. Research suggests that PRP injections effectively treat androgenic alopecia, the male pattern baldness.

In addition, platelet-rich plasma injections are also beneficial for preventing hair loss, promoting new hair growth, and, most importantly, stimulating hair growth after hair transplantation.

Post-surgical Restoration

PRP injections are becoming the doctor’s favorite for post-surgical healing and restoration.

Previously, doctors used the procedure to promote healing after plastic surgeries or jaw surgeries. However, post-surgical PRP injections have become helpful in healing muscles, torn tendons, and ligaments.


PRP injections may help treat osteoarthritis. Injections in your knee can reduce inflammation and promote healing.

However, further research is still going on.

Skin Rejuvenation

Many doctors often use the platelet-rich plasma injection as an anti-aging treatment. However, the procedure for skin rejuvenation needs further research.

Preparation For PRP Injections

PRP injections need preparations before the procedure.

At first, your healthcare provider needs to make PRP by drawing a blood sample from your arm. Then, he will place the collected blood in a special centrifuge that spins the blood to isolate the platelet-rich portion from the liquid plasma.

It usually takes around 15 minutes to prepare your PRP. During your waiting minutes, doctors re-examine your injury and determine the exact spot of your injection.

Doctors usually suggest stopping all anti-inflammatories one week before the injection. The reason is blending PRP with an anti-inflammatory may interfere with the healing potential of your injections.

Procedure Of PRP Injections

The procedure of PRP injections is simple.

Doctors Who Perform PRP Injections Near Me

The physician usually numbs the area with a local anesthetic to lessen your discomfort. Don’t worry; the anesthetic doesn’t inhibit the healing power of PRP injections.

Next, the physician injects the PRP into your affected area. You may have to wait a bit for the platelets, growth factors, and specialized proteins to start work. Then, he will cover the injected area with a bandage. Done!

Isn’t it easy?

However, the local anesthetic may take time to wear off, and due to that, you may not use your affected area. In addition, you may feel some discomfort in the injected area. However, it goes naturally after 48 hours.

Often doctors use PRP during surgery. In that case, your Platelet-Rich Plasma injections preparation depends on your surgeon’s suggestion.

Many doctors often use imaging – ultrasonography – to identify specific areas for injection.

The recovery time after PRP injections vary. It’s not as quick a procedure as lightning. You may take weeks or months to see the complete heal of your injury.

What Is The Cost of PRP Injections?

You might be thinking, what do the PRP injections cost?

The cost of PRP injections depends on the area you need to treat and how you will get your injection. Usually, the treatment may cost around $250 to $1500 for knee injections.

Very few insurance plans will cover your PRP injections, especially for cosmetic reasons – hair loss, skin rejuvenation, etc. The insurance doesn’t cover these treatments.

PRP Injections Side Effects

PRP injections are a safe treatment option with minimum risk and side effects. As the injections use your blood, there is a zero chance of having an allergic reaction.

However, you feel lightheaded after the procedure if you are not hydrated and haven’t eaten before the injections.

Other side effects that you encounter include-

  • Infection
  • Soreness
  • Bleeding
  • Tissue damage
  • Infection
  • Nerve injuries

Take Away

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an effective way to heal and repair your body’s pain and injuries. The best part of PRP is you can avoid surgery.

However, are you searching for doctors who perform PRP injections near me?


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