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Can You Wear Makeup After Microneedling: Makeup Guidelines After Microneedling

Can You Wear Makeup After Microneedling - Makeup Guidelines After Microneedling - PRP Treatment

Has the thought of a smoother, fresher, and younger-looking complexion enticed you towards the microneedling treatment? You’re not alone! This minimally invasive procedure has gained widespread acclaim for its impressive skin rejuvenation benefits.

But here comes the tricky part – what happens after the treatment? Specifically, when can you safely return to your beloved makeup routine? We understand the allure of concealer and foundation, but post-micro needling; your skin requires a bit of extra care and caution.

In this blog, we’ll navigate the makeup maze post-micro needling, dispelling myths, clarifying doubts, and offering guidelines to help you maintain the glow without jeopardizing your skin’s health.

Ready to learn how to pamper your skin after microneedling? Let’s dive in!

Understanding Microneedling

Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin care procedure that has won over beauty enthusiasts and professionals. The goal? To stimulate your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and, in the process, boost collagen production, an essential protein that keeps our skin firm and youthful.

The procedure involves a device equipped with tiny, fine needles that create hundreds of microscopic punctures in the top layer of your skin. Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry; it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Numbing cream is applied before the treatment to ensure your comfort. These tiny, painless injuries trigger your skin’s healing process, stimulating new collagen and elastin formation.

The results are nothing short of impressive. Microneedling can help address a plethora of skin concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, skin laxity, uneven skin tone, and even enlarged pores. By promoting skin regeneration, microneedling leaves your skin looking smoother, fresher, and more youthful.

But, like with any skincare procedure, understanding what happens after the treatment is just as crucial as the procedure itself. This is where post-micro needling care comes in, and one question often pops up – “When can I wear makeup again?”

When Can You Wear Makeup After Microneedling?

The key is to give your skin adequate time to start the healing process before you apply makeup. The general rule of thumb advised by most dermatologists is to wait at least 24 hours post-procedure before applying any makeup.

However, this period can vary based on the individual’s skin type and how it responds to the treatment.

Remember that the redness and sensitivity you experience after microneedling is your skin’s natural response to the micro-injuries caused during the procedure. Covering this up with makeup might seem like a good idea, but it could hamper healing.

After 24 hours, your skin’s surface typically closes, and the deeper healing process begins. It’s at this point that wearing makeup usually becomes safe.

However, if your skin is still red, irritated, or uncomfortable after the 24-hour mark, it’s better to hold off on the makeup for another day or two.

It’s also important to remember that everyone’s skin is different. Factors such as the depth of microneedling performed, your skin’s sensitivity, and your natural healing rate can all affect how quickly you can safely return to wearing makeup.

Importance of Post-Microneedling Care

After your microneedling session, you might notice that your skin is slightly red and sensitive, similar to a mild sunburn. This is a perfectly normal reaction and a sign that your skin’s healing process is kicking in.

During this critical period, your post-procedure skincare regimen can significantly influence your treatment’s outcome and the health of your skin.

Think of your skin as a freshly tilled garden, receptive and open. The microscopic channels created by microneedling are like tiny furrows in the soil, enhancing the absorption of topical skin products.

But just like you’d protect a newly seeded garden from harsh elements, it’s crucial to shield your skin from potential irritants during this period – and makeup is one of them.

Especially with heavy formulations or certain ingredients, makeup can clog these open channels, leading to breakouts or irritation. Moreover, due to the enhanced absorption, harmful chemicals commonly found in certain makeup products could penetrate deeper into your skin and cause damage.

Thus, understanding when and how to reintroduce makeup into your routine after microneedling is crucial to ensuring your skin heals beautifully, and you get the most out of your treatment. Let’s delve deeper into this topic in the upcoming sections.

The Debate: Makeup After Microneedling

There’s a fair amount of debate and confusion about when it’s safe to apply makeup after undergoing microneedling.

The core of this discussion often hinges on balancing the desire to cover up temporary post-treatment redness or swelling with the need to keep the skin clean and free from potential irritants.

Applying makeup too soon after microneedling can clog the open microchannels in your skin and possibly lead to breakouts or even skin infections. This is especially true for makeup products that are not non-comedogenic (i.eproducts that won’t block your pores).

Moreover, some makeup contains harsh chemicals that you generally don’t want penetrating deeper layers of your skin, which is a risk with the increased absorption following microneedling.

On the other hand, waiting too long to apply makeup might not be practical for many, especially those who need to return to work or social activities. This dilemma often leaves patients asking: “How long should I wait after microneedling before applying makeup?” Let’s explore this crucial question in the next section.

Best Practices for Applying Makeup Post-Microneedling

Best Practices for Applying Makeup Post-Microneedling - PRP Treatment

Once you’ve passed the safe period and your skin feels ready for makeup, there are a few best practices to remember.

Opt for Mineral Makeup

After microneedling, your skin may still be somewhat sensitive. Mineral-based makeup products can be a better choice as they’re often free from irritants and harsh chemicals. They’re lightweight, non-comedogenic, and can provide good coverage without clogging your pores.

Clean Brushes and Sponges

Using clean tools to apply your makeup is crucial. Dirty brushes or sponges can harbor bacteria you don’t want to introduce to your freshly treated skin.

Gentle Application

Apply your makeup gently to avoid irritating your skin. A soft brush, sponge, or even your clean fingers can be the best tools for the job.

Prioritize Sunscreen

Post-micro needling, your skin can be more susceptible to sun damage. Consider makeup products with built-in SPF; remember, these are no substitute for a broad-spectrum sunscreen.


Keeping your skin hydrated after microneedling can support healing. Opt for products that boost hydration, like a BB or CC cream with hydrating properties.

Easy Does It

Initially, keep your makeup routine simple. Heavy, full-face makeup might not be the best choice immediately after healing your skin. A bit of concealer, some mascara, and a dab of lip balm might be all you need.

Post-Microneedling Skincare: Dos and Don’ts

Besides makeup, choosing skincare products post-micro needling can significantly impact your results and recovery. Here are some general dos and don’ts to guide you through this crucial period:


  • Hydrate Your Skin: Keeping your skin hydrated is essential after microneedling. Look for non-comedogenic, fragrance-free moisturizers to soothe and hydrate your skin without clogging your pores.
  • Use Sunscreen: Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun after microneedling. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, even on cloudy days.
  • Cleanse Gently: Cleanse your skin with a gentle, soap-free cleanser. Your skin might feel tender, so avoid scrubbing or using hot water, which can further irritate your skin.


  • Avoid Exfoliating Products: Skip any products that could further irritate or dry out your skin. This includes exfoliants (chemical and physical), alcohol-based toners, and retinoids. You can reintroduce these into your routine after your skin fully recovers, usually about a week after your procedure.
  • Steer Clear of Harsh Ingredients: Ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or other acids (glycolic, lactic, etc.) can be too harsh on the skin after microneedling.
  • Skip the Sauna and Swimming Pool: Exposure to extreme heat (like in saunas) or chlorinated water can irritate your skin. It’s best to avoid these for at least a week post-treatment.


And there you have it – the essential guide to wearing makeup and taking care of your skin after microneedling. Your skin’s journey to rejuvenation post-treatment is as critical as the procedure. 

Ensuring a proper skincare routine and following the advised makeup guidelines can make all the difference in your healing process and the final result. Remember, when it comes to post-treatment skincare, patience is critical, and less is often more.

As always, your skincare professional is your best resource, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns or questions. Here’s to a smooth and beautiful recovery!

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