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PRP Treatment for Stretchmarks

Stretch marks are a natural part of the aging and growing process. For many, they appear during puberty or certain life events such as pregnancy or when there is a severe increase or decrease in weight or muscle. Do stretch marks go away?

While they may never completely disappear, there are ways to lessen their appearance and maintain their severity. To learn more about promoting healthy skin and energy, get in touch with Dr. Nazarian and PRP Treatment Beverly Hills.


Stretch marks, also known as striae, are a type of scarring that occurs on the skin. It usually appears as a slight discoloration or indentations in the skin. They occur naturally in puberty when there is rapid growth. They can also occur during pregnancy (due to the growth of the stomach area) or any other time there is rapid weight or muscle gain. This includes bodybuilding or using corticosteroids. Natural growth or a slow, steady weight gain will not always produce stretch marks. They normally occur when the skin is overstretched in a short amount of time. When the skin is overstretched in this short span, it forms internal tearing.

When stretch marks are first formed, they are referred to as striae rubrae and tend to be a darker red in color. Over time, though, they will start to fade. This is referred to as striae albae.

The best way to avoid stretch marks is to avoid rapid weight gain. Of course, this can’t always be avoided when you have natural life events such as pregnancy. Overall, it’s important to try to keep your weight and muscle gain/loss at an even, steady pace. Dieting and exercise can also help you maintain your weight at a healthy point.

Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

There are several ways to reduce stretch marks or visibility.

To hide their appearance cosmetically, you can use self-tanners to fill in the color or make them appear the same color as the rest of your skin. You can also apply makeup, such as a foundation, that matches the rest of your skin to cover them.

There are also ways to reduce the severity of stretch marks through topical creams and ointments, such as cortisone. These ointments shouldn’t be relied on for complete removal.

Laser treatment or cosmetic surgery, such as chemical peels, are other options to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Again, it won’t completely get rid of them, but it can help make them less noticeable.

PRP Treatment

A popular and nonsurgical way to treat stretch marks is through Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP). This treatment is perhaps one of the most natural ways to reduce stretch marks, as it works in tandem with the natural healing process of your body.

PRP involves increasing the platelet count in our blood. The reason for doing this is because the body naturally heals wounds through the clot of platelets. Increasing the platelet count in our blood increases and enhances the healing process. In addition to using our body’s natural healing processes, PRP also uses your own platelets taken from samples of your own blood. This process will not only help repair your stretch marks faster, but it also helps with hair restoration and many other growth factors.

PRP has been used by many thousands of doctors. The injections are also very safe and have been proven to be highly effective.

At PRP Treatment Beverly Hills, we’ll do all we can to put you on the healthy stretch-mark recovery track with our PRP treatments. If you have any further questions about the great benefits of PRP, don’t hesitate to call us at 310-299-8959 or visit our website today.

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