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PRP Intimacy Injection: An Ultimate Solution To Women’s Sexual Arousal Disorder

PRP Intimacy Injection - An Ultimate Solution To Women's Sexual Arousal Disorder

Female sexual arousal problems or orgasmic disorders are a matter of consideration. Some women have never realized what an orgasm means. It is the main reason for sexual dissatisfaction in women.

Failure to reach the optimum orgasm can occur due to some physiological, hormonal, or psychological factors. Whatever the reason is, PRP intimacy injection can be an excellent solution for this problem.

The complete form of PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. It can be used as an injectable therapy for many health issues. Female orgasmic or sexual arousal disorder is one of the vitals among them. Through this article, let’s dive into the details of this PRP intimacy injection.

What is PRP Intimacy Injection?

PRP intimacy injection is an injection containing activated serum called platelet-rich plasma. The PRP has healing properties that may be helpful in various medical conditions. For example, this platelet concentrate is used in muscle or tendon injury, diabetic foot ulcers, urinary incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.

When PRP injection is specified with the word intimacy, it is connected to sexual problems, especially in women. In female orgasmic disorder, blood flow to the clitoris and genitalia is decreased. The PRP intimacy injection is supplemented in the upper wall of the vagina and clitoris. Then it kickstarts the rejuvenation of collagen, blood vessels, and nerves.

Does PRP Intimacy Injection Work?

Some studies demonstrate PRP intimacy injection’s efficacy in improving sexual arousal problems in women. This therapy can potentially bounce back the responsible factors for female sexual dysfunction. Improving sexual functions in women is intensely connected with the blood flow of the clitoris.

PRP therapy is capable of growing new vessels in the clitoris. Hence, it helps a woman experience the optimum orgasm during physical intercourse. So, you can say that PRP intimacy injection works effectively against female orgasmic issues.

How to Apply PRP Intimacy Injection?

The PRP shot is injected into the upper wall of the vagina and clitoris under topical anesthesia. The procedure of PRP intimacy therapy is easy but needs the support of expert clinicians. Now it is time to know about the procedure of PRP intimacy shot application in detail.

  • On a routine visit, a patient’s small amount of blood is drawn from the arm.
  • After collecting the blood, it is kept in a calcium-rich test tube.
  • Using the centrifuge technique, platelet-rich plasma is concentrated.
  • Then this growth factor enriched PRP is pushed around the clitoris in injectable form.
  • Before giving the shot, local anesthesia is induced in specific areas of the genitalia.
  • Therefore, the patient experiences a painless solution to her intimacy problem.

How Does PRP Intimacy Injection Work?

Are you looking forward to knowing the mechanism of action of PRP intimacy injection? Let me unveil the procedure below in this segment.

How Does PRP Intimacy Injection Work

Releases Growth Factors

After centrifugation, the PRP releases growth factors like PDGF, TGF-beta, IGF-1, and many more. These growth factors stimulate the local stem cells to cultivate new cells around the clitoris. The existing cells also get activated to grow more by the influence of the growth factors.

Encourages Cell Growth

Surveys show females with normal orgasms have larger clitorides close to the vagina. PRP intimacy shot rejuvenates this criterion in females with orgasmic disorder. Injecting PRP into the clitoris stimulates the enlargement of the clitoris by increasing connective tissue. This enlargement brings the clitoris closer to the vagina as well.

Increases Blood Flow

Scientists discovered that improved sexual function is somehow linked with increased blood flow through the clitoris. PRP shots are capable of enabling the growth of new blood vessels. This improves your sexual functions by increasing the blood flow through the genitalia.

Benefits of PRP Intimacy Injection

Before going through a clinical procedure, you must learn what benefits you will achieve. There is no exception before going through the PRP intimacy shot. So, this segment is arranged to mention some advantages of PRP intimacy therapy.

  • It increases female sexual arousal and sex drive.
  • Has a tremendous capacity for tissue healing, increasing blood flow and nerve supply.
  • Strengthens sexual stamina that ensures incredible sexual performance.
  • Helps a woman to achieve optimum orgasm easily.
  • Enlarges the clitoris by rejuvenating its functions for stronger orgasms.
  • Improves the appearance of the female vagina.
  • Boosts natural lubrication during physical intercourse.
  • Works for reducing urinary incontinence.
  • Has the tiniest chance of scar mark formation.
  • No harmful side effects as it is collected by centrifuging the patient’s blood.
  • PRP therapy has proven successful in the treatment of arthritis of the knee.
  • This therapy is also used in other health issues like muscle or tendon injury and various cosmetic processes.
  • You can also use it for male erectile dysfunction issues.

How Long PRP Intimacy Therapy Should be Given?

PRP intimacy injection doesn’t work overnight to solve your problem. It takes several weeks to improve your sensation while having physical intercourse. Research reveals that it takes a maximum of 4 weeks to start showing the changes. Then the outcome gradually improves over 6 months.

Once you are induced with a PRP shot, don’t think it will help you for a lifetime. The effect of this therapy remains for up to 2 years. After that, you may need to retake the shot according to your doctor’s advice. However, as the procedure is painless, you can go through it when needed. Always keep in touch with your doctor to monitor your condition.

Can Men Go for PRP Intimacy Injection?

Females are not the only ones who face sexual arousal issues. Male erectile dysfunction is quite similar to female orgasmic disorder. You can use PRP intimacy shots in men having the problem of erectile dysfunction. In the case of male therapy, PRP injection is known as the P shot. At the same time, the PRP injection used in female orgasmic disorders is called the O shot.

Men with erectile dysfunction always remain depressed or embarrassed to talk about it. P shots can solve this problem and boost their sexual stamina. Besides, it enhances the penile size, sexual performance, and overall wellness. PRP intimacy shots are also adequately efficient for male sexual issues.

PRP Intimacy Injection Side Effects

The platelet-rich plasma therapy for intimacy issues is a low-risk technique with minimal side effects. Yet you may face minor side effects as it is an intravenous method. Moreover, an expert doctor is mandatory to perform the procedure. Faulty techniques can give rise to unwanted effects of PRP intimacy injection. Let’s discover the PRP shot’s side effects one can perhaps face are.

  • Due to anesthesia failure, one can feel pain after the injection has been pushed.
  • Some rare side effects are bleeding, infection, tissue damage, or nerve injury.
  • Bruising or soreness may occur due to faulty technique.
  • One can face temporary difficulty in urination.
  • Allergic reaction is another rare side effect of PRP intimacy injection.

While performing PRP therapy, all the FDA-approved tools are used. Only qualified and well-trained doctors can perform this therapy. So, it can be considered a risk-free procedure for recovering female sexual functions.

Outcomes of PRP Intimacy Injection

When a woman takes the O shot, she may feel swelling over the injection site. That swelled area causes extra sensitivity in the long run later. The swelling goes off within a few days. After a few weeks, she will feel improved sensitivity of the clitoris and the G-spot area. This will enable her to enjoy a stronger orgasm with her partner.

Any therapy works differently on different people, and thus the outcomes also vary from person to person. It can happen that a woman doesn’t notice any changes even after 4 to 6 weeks of the treatment. She will have to consult with the doctor and may need to go for another shot of PRP.

Is PRP Intimacy Injection FDA Approved?

PRP therapy is performed by drawing the blood of the patient. This therapy is not a drug, but the FDA approved all tools used for PRP therapy. You will consult a qualified doctor before deciding on PRP intimacy injection therapy.


Many women deal with delayed orgasms, dyspareunia, vaginal dryness, or other problems during physical intimacy. The condition worsens when they do not discuss their problem due to hesitancy.

Eventually, they undergo this sexual dissatisfaction throughout their whole life. PRP intimacy injection is an easy solution to sexual dysfunction problems in women.

If you are one of the victims of sexual dysfunction, you can go for O shots after consulting a doctor. The above article mentions all the good and bad factors regarding PRP intimacy injection. You can go through the entire article before making any decision.

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