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Long-Lasting or Fleeting? The Truth about PRP Under Eye Treatment Results

Long-Lasting or Fleeting - The Truth about PRP Under Eye Treatment Results - PRP Treatment

Have you ever caught your reflection and wished for a solution to those stubborn under-eye circles or wrinkles?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) under-eye treatments have emerged as a promising answer. But how long do the results last? Are they long-lasting, or just a fleeting improvement? In the quest for a more youthful appearance, understanding the longevity of any treatment is crucial.

After all, when investing in your beauty and confidence, knowing if you’re making a long-term investment or a short-term fix is essential. This blog aims to answer just that, shedding light on the duration of PRP under-eye treatment results.

So, sit back and let’s delve into the fascinating world of PRP treatments and the truth about their results’ longevity.

PRP Under Eyes: How Long Does It Last?

If you’re contemplating PRP under eye treatments, one of the lingering questions is, “How long will the results last?” To answer this, let’s turn to what we know from medical studies and practitioner experiences.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) under-eye treatments leverage your body’s natural healing capabilities. The procedure involves injecting PRP – a component of your blood rich in growth factors – into the under-eye area.

These growth factors stimulate collagen production, an essential skin structure component. This process rejuvenates the skin, leading to a reduction in wrinkles and dark circles.

But how long do these results last? On average, many patients report noticeable improvement that lasts between nine to eighteen months post-treatment. However, remember that this is an average estimate.

The exact duration can vary between individuals due to several influencing factors, which we will explore in the next section.

One significant advantage of PRP treatments is that the results are gradual and natural-looking. Unlike treatments that deliver immediate but stark changes, PRP facilitates a subtle transformation over time. Many patients see improvements within a few weeks after their first treatment, with results peaking around three months post-treatment.

Factors Affecting the Longevity of PRP Under Eye Results

While PRP under eye treatments offer generally long-lasting results, it’s important to remember that everyone’s skin and body react differently. Various factors can influence the longevity of your results, so it’s crucial to have realistic expectations.

Individual Skin Characteristics

Firstly, your skin characteristics play a pivotal role. Factors such as skin type, thickness, natural collagen production, and the severity of under-eye issues can all influence how long the results last.

For instance, if you naturally have thin skin with lower collagen levels, the effects might not last as long as those with thicker skin.

Lifestyle Factors

Believe it or not, your lifestyle can significantly impact the results’ duration. Habits like smoking or excessive sun exposure can accelerate skin aging and shorten the lifespan of PRP under-eye results.

Similarly, a balanced diet and adequate hydration, which support overall skin health, can help prolong the effects of the treatment.

Post-Treatment Skincare Routine

The way you care for your skin after the treatment is equally crucial. Ensuring adequate sun protection, maintaining a healthy skincare routine, and keeping your skin hydrated can help maximize and extend the benefits of the treatment.

Frequency of Treatment Sessions

Generally, a series of treatment sessions are recommended for optimum results. The more consistent you are with your treatments, the longer-lasting the results tend to be. The frequency depends on your personal goals and skin condition, which your practitioner can guide you on.

How to Prolong the Effects of PRP Under Eye Treatments

Having PRP under eye treatment is just one part of the puzzle. To ensure your results are both impressive and enduring, you should also consider some additional measures. Let’s explore some strategies to extend the lifespan of your PRP under eye treatment results.

Post-Treatment Care

Post-treatment care plays a significant role in optimizing the results. Following your practitioner’s instructions, such as avoiding sun exposure, intense workouts, or applying makeup immediately after the treatment, can prevent complications and maximize results.

Healthy Skin Care Routine

Healthy Skin Care Routine - PRP Treatment

A good skincare routine is an excellent ally for lasting results. This includes cleansing, moisturizing, and, most importantly, sun protection.

Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily can protect the treated area from harmful UV rays, accelerating skin aging and shortening the lifespan of your PRP treatment results.

Lifestyle Modifications

Lifestyle choices like maintaining a balanced diet, staying well-hydrated, getting sufficient sleep, and avoiding smoking can all contribute to overall skin health and the longevity of treatment results.

Consuming a diet rich in vitamins A and C can support collagen production, complementing the effects of PRP.

Consistent Treatment Sessions

Consistency is key. Sticking to the recommended treatment schedule from your practitioner is crucial for sustained results. While some patients might see desired results after a single session, most need multiple sessions. Regular touch-ups help maintain and extend the results.

Complementary Treatments

PRP under-eye treatments can be combined with other skin care treatments like microdermabrasion or specific facials to enhance and prolong the results. Your practitioner can guide you about suitable complementary treatments based on your skin type and goals.

When Should You Consider a PRP Under Eye Touch-Up?

Now that we’ve covered what influences the longevity of your PRP under eye treatment and how to prolong it, you might wonder when it’s the right time to consider a touch-up.

PRP under eye touch-ups are typically recommended to maintain the results and continually stimulate collagen production.

Recognizing the Signs

The most common sign that it’s time for a touch-up is when you notice the initial under-eye concerns creeping back in. This could be an increased appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, or dark circles.

Since the results of PRP under eye treatments wear off gradually, these changes will be subtle and slow, not sudden.

Frequency of Touch-ups

The typical frequency of touch-ups depends mainly on the individual’s skin characteristics and how well they’ve maintained their post-treatment care and overall lifestyle.

On average, many practitioners recommend touch-up treatments every 12 to 18 months. However, your practitioner will provide a more precise timeline based on your situation.

Consultation with Your Practitioner

Always consult with your practitioner when you’re considering a touch-up. They can evaluate the current condition of your under-eye area and advise whether it’s the right time for a touch-up or if other treatments might be beneficial.


In this final section, let’s address some common questions people often have about the longevity of PRP under eye treatments. Understanding these will help clarify doubts or misconceptions and aid in making an informed decision.

Are the Results of PRP Under Eye Treatments Permanent?

While PRP under eye treatments provide long-lasting results, they are not permanent. The treatment stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, and over time, the rate of this production gradually returns to its original pace. Regular touch-ups help maintain the benefits.

Can I Speed Up the Results of PRP Under Eye Treatment?

PRP treatments leverage your body’s natural healing process, and this can’t be rushed. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine can help optimize the results and ensure you see them as soon as possible.

Does age Affect the Longevity of PRP Under Eye Treatment Results?

Age can impact the results as the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen decreases. However, the PRP treatment stimulates collagen production; hence, even those with mature skin can see significant improvement.

How soon after my PRP Under Eye Treatment can I Return to my Regular Skincare Routine?

Typically, you can return to your regular skincare routine after 24 hours, but it’s essential to follow the specific instructions given by your practitioner. Some treatments or products may need to be avoided for a while post-treatment.

Can I wear Makeup after PRP Under Eye Treatment?

It’s usually recommended to wait at least 24 hours after your treatment before applying makeup. This allows your skin ample time to heal and absorb the full benefits of the treatment.


Embarking on a journey to brighter, healthier under-eye skin with PRP treatments can be exciting. Understanding the expected duration of results, factors affecting longevity, and strategies to maximize benefits will undoubtedly put you in a stronger position to make informed decisions.

Remember, while PRP treatments offer significant benefits, treatment consistency, post-care, and a healthy lifestyle play equally crucial roles in achieving the best results. Always consult with your practitioner regarding your unique needs and expectations.

With the right knowledge and care, you’re well on your way to enjoying long-lasting under-eye rejuvenation through PRP treatments.

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