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PRP With Derma Roller For Acne Scars

PRP With Derma Roller For Acne Scars

Isn’t it so frustrating to see acne scars on your face in the mirror? Like other scars, they may persist for months to years. Perhaps! you have tried all the possible remedies but cannot get rid of them. Don’t lose hope!  Here we have a solution for you.

Nowadays, PRP with Derma roller treatment is top-rated for acne scar removal. According to dermatologists, this treatment effectively removes the appearance of acne scars, reduces enlarged pores, and finally brings back the natural glow to the skin. But how does it work? Is it painful? Does it cause any side effects?

Well, this article will give you a clear overview of the necessity of the PRP with derma roller for acne scars. So read till the end to know its side effects, benefits, and process.

What Are PRP And Derma Rollers, And How Do They Work?

PRP, the platelet-rich plasma, is a process where a natural serum is created in the blood of people with acne scars by injecting PRP injection 1mm under the wounds. PRP injection repairs skin conditions, and also it contains some growth factors.

Derma roller is a skincare device containing numerous needles with a tiny handheld wheel. It rejuvenates the skin and removes acne scars while increasing the amount of collagen using the needles that are pierced into the skin by rolling those needles throughout the skin.

Adding PRP with the derma roller makes it more effective as it induces more collagen in the skin and smooths the tissue. The PRP is plasma, the concentration of platelets in it is higher than that of blood, so it stimulates platelet activation. Consequently, it helps to generate collagen and diminish acne scars.

What Are The Procedures Of PRP With Derma Roller For Acne Scars?

Professionals follow a few steps for better enhancement.

  • A practitioner will first test your blood sample. Now a centrifuge tool will separate the plasma from your blood.
  • Forty-five minutes to 1 hour before the entire procedure begins, the doctor will give you anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain.
  • A derma roller has numerous needles that penetrate your skin and create micropores on the skin.
  • PRP will be applied throughout your skin.
  • At the very end, a hyaluronic acid serum is applied to hydrate and replenish the skin.
  • It takes 2 hours to complete the entire procedure.

Is PRP with derma rollers effective for acne scar removal?

Yes, derma rollers with PRP are very effective for acne scar removal. There is no doubt that this procedure uses your blood to create a natural serum that completely takes away your acne scars. Here is some of its functionality-

Help to regenerate skin tissue

PRP contains proteins, cytokines, and growth factors that help regenerate skin tissue, and acne scars start to disappear. Moreover, it reduces enlarged pores and improves skin elasticity.

Improve the surface of the skin

As the serum is injected deep into the skin, it helps clear the skin from within and gives it a glow.

Induce collagen

For better skin improvement, it needs to induce collagen. Because of the increase of collagen in the skin, it helps to stimulate the growth of new cells.

How long does the effectiveness of  PRP with derma roller for acne scars last?

How long does the effectiveness of PRP with derma roller for acne scars last

PRP with derma roller is not a lifetime treatment. Its effectiveness lasts 9 to 18 months after treatment or a maximum of 2 years. Since its efficacy does not last long, dermatologists recommend going through this procedure once a year.

What to expect after PRP with derma roller treatment?

After the treatment, the doctor will ask you to follow some important skin improvement procedures.

The first thing you need to follow is to stay away from washing your face where the treatment was done for at least 1 to 2 days. Apart from water, you cannot apply any skin product without consulting your dermatologist. Because there is a 1% risk of infection in that treated area if you apply any external products without consulting a doctor.

You may feel soreness for two days when the injection is pushed. After the treatment, you will gradually see improvement in the skin. However, it will take at least six months or more before you experience the best results.

Is it okay to use a PRP with a derma roller at home?

No, It is not safe, you may face problems like infection, saggy skin, and too many punctures. Thus acne scars removal treatment with a PRP with a derma roller should not be done at home. To do this treatment at home, you must know its precautions and rules.

However, it can be dangerous for wrong use, and there is a lot of risks. Experts apply the derma roller vertically on the skin in the clinics where they provide this treatment. Now, if you use it at a 45 angle instead of vertically due to a lack of proper knowledge, it may cause skin damage.

Since this is a very sensitive issue for the skin, professionals should do this treatment. Even if the cost is a little high, it is essential to do this treatment with the help of experts at the clinic.

What are the side effects of PRP with derma roller?

Using a PRP with a derma roller carries some risks. We should be aware of these side effects before doing this procedure.

  • Darkening the skin: According to Dr. Saya Obayan, if you are not careful, you will permanently have spots on the skin, or the skin will become dark.
  • Infection: As these platelets are made from your blood, there is a low chance of infection, but there is a 1% chance of local infection.
  • Inflammation and redness: It is a common side effect. Redness and inflammation may appear on the skin after the procedure, but don’t worry, these side effects disappear in 4-6 days.

How many sessions do you need to overcome acne scars?

You need to go through this treatment several times to get good results. The number of sessions required depends on the intensity and area of your acne scars.

A session takes 1 to 2 hours. To receive a Derma Roller with PRP treatment, you must complete three sessions in 4-6 weeks. After completing the whole session, you can noticeably find the best improvement within six months.

When should I avoid this treatment?

You should be careful about a few things so that your skin doesn’t get damaged or worse because of this treatment. Make sure you discuss these issues with your dermatologist before treatment.

  • You should avoid this procedure if you have skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema.
  • If you have active acne due to supplementation or medication on your skin, don’t do it, and stay away if your skin has any injuries or bruises.
  • If you have previously had radiation therapy to the face for any reason, do not undergo this treatment.
  • If you are pregnant, keep away from such treatment, or you can talk about it with a gynecologist if there is any risk.

Do doctors recommend using a PRP with a derma roller?

Dermatologists recommend using it as its effectiveness is visible and side effects are significantly less. Experts say to avoid retinol for a minimum of 5 days before using the derma roller.


Which derma roller size is best for use?

Experts use various sizes of needles in derma roller depending on the severity of the scars. Its size range starts from 0.25 mm and ranges between 1.5 mm. But the perfect size of the needle is 1-1.5 mm. But for pigmentation, 0.25-0.5 is the ideal size. Professionals suggest sizes based on your acne condition, skin, and pigmentation.

Can I use a PRP with a derma roller if I have acne?

No, you cannot apply this treatment to active acne. Dermatologists avoid such areas where active acne is present on the skin. If your active acne is pierced with needles, it can cause inflammation. Bacteria can also infect the skin.

Is it affordable to use them?

This treatment is quite expensive. The cost of  PRP with derma roller treatment is the most expensive of all acne scar removal treatments, which depends on the quality of the equipment. Its price ranges from about 500 dollars to 3000 dollars per session, or it can be more. Depending on their skills, this cost includes the equipment and the providers’ experience.


After reading this PRP with derma roller for acne scars, you must clearly understand the procedure. You will agree with the fact that it is not an easy process. The point should be noted that don’t go through this treatment if you have any skin disease.

As it has some side effects, you should consult a dermatologist before taking action. By this, you can be sure about the after-effects of the treatment.

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