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How a Vampire Facelift Brings Life Back to Your Face


While a * vampire facelift may sound funny, it has a number of benefits that make you look younger and make your skin brighter. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure involves injecting a patient’s own blood into their face. The procedure involves two steps. The first step involves a blood draw. It’s nothing major and is similar to if you had to get a blood draw for medical testing. The blood that is taken from the patient is spun in a centrifuge system which separates the blood plasma from the rest of the components in your blood.

The second step involves injecting the patient’s own blood plasma into their facial skin with tiny needles. The needles do not go deep and only penetrate the superficial layers of the skin. The vampire facial can be a treatment all on its own, but for the best results, a *vampire facelift is recommended. This adds a step that includes Hyaluronic Acid (“HA”) fillers. This will have more immediately obvious results.

One’s own blood plasma, also known as platelet-rich plasma (“PRP”), is a substance that has important anti-aging qualities. The PRP also referred to in the cosmetic community as “liquid gold,” has multiple benefits such as improving skin texture, fine lines, and changes in the face that come with aging. The combination of PRP with HA fillers will provide both immediate and continued results to the look and feel of one’s skin.

Candidates for a *Vampire Facelift

Anyone who has fine lines or sagging in the lower part of their face, sagging in the chin and neck area, or sagging and wrinkling in the chest area would be an ideal candidate for the vampire facelift. Below you will find some of the most common issues people seek a vampire facelift for:

  • Crow’s feet around the eye area
  • Fine lines or wrinkles
  • Sagging due to aging (mostly in the cheek, chin, and neck areas)
  • Acne scars and divots
  • Cellulite

In addition, the * vampire facial treatment can be done without the HA treatment. For candidates who do not want foreign objects of matter injected into their face, this is a great option. The PRP is the patient’s own blood plasma with no additives.

It’s important to note that those who have issues with blood clots or a bleeding disorder may not be good candidates. While they would not be ruled out completely, discuss this with the doctor at the consultation.

What to Expect

The *Vampire Facelift is a two-part procedure that includes the PRP treatment and the HA fillers. With that, the HA filler treatment and benefits will be visible almost immediately. However, the PRP treatment can take weeks for results to show. The results of the treatment can last over a year. The treatment is minimally invasive which is why so many choose it. In addition, it has little to no downtime. While individual results will vary, the procedure can result in improved complexion, texture, and the overall look of one’s skin.

Vampire Facelifts in Beverly Hills

The professionals at PRP Treatment Beverly Hills are focused on providing you with the most comfortable, safe, and friendly environment. The office is designed for comfort and is equipped with the most high-tech equipment to ensure maximum results. Dr. David Nazarian is a PRP treatment specialist at PRP Treatment Beverly Hills. He is also Board Certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Nazarian uses the most up-to-date techniques and instruments to extract the highest amount and most effective PRP.

* Vampire Facial & * Vampire Facelift are a trademark of Dr. Charles Runels, this page is for informational purposes only. We do not perform the vampire facial or vampire facial but provide a similar prp therapy aimed for facial rejuvenation.

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