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Where To Find PRP Under Eyes Near Me For Eye Hollows, Dark Circles, And Bags

PRP Under Eyes Near Me

“The eye is the jewel of the body.”

It’s been rightly said that “eyes don’t just see; they can express too” – the window to your soul. Moreover, your eyes are often the first feature people notice.

How would that be if that window gets distracted due to under-eye issues like hollows or dark circles? Now that would be a bummer, wouldn’t it?

If you are looking for the best cure for your under-eye conditions, you are in luck! Today you will get to know about PRP under eye treatment which might be the thing you need.

PRP treatment is an effective, risk-free way to get rid of baggy eyes, dark circles, and more.

So, without further ado, let’s take a detour of this fascinating PRP under eyes treatment.

What Is PRP?

Before diving deeper into PRP for under eyes, let’s understand PRP and its work.

In short, the Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a special type of treatment that injects platelets of one’s blood. The concentrated platelet is used to heal muscles, joints, tendons, etc.

The treatment uses an injection of concentrated plasma in your very own blood. It is a colorless liquid with a high concentration of platelets. It also includes fascinating growth factors.

The platelets counter the effect of any injuries or cuts by helping with the blood clotting. They also boost cell reproduction and trigger faster regeneration.

If you need a PRP injection, your doctor would first take your blood sample. Next, the separation of the platelets begins. The clinicians will use a machine, centrifuge. It will spin super fast and separate the blood’s fluid components.

Clinicians will use the machine to separate the platelets from your very blood. The platelets will then go through a concentration process, and you will have your platelet-rich plasma.

What Is PRP for Under Eyes Treatment?

Are you tired of dealing with the bags or hollows under your eyes? Is the worry about your dark circles causing itself to increase even more? Yes, that can happen!! Guess what, we have a solution. The PRP treatment can help you in this frustrating situation.

PRP treatment uses concentrated platelets for enhanced healing. The therapy can reduce the bags and hollows under your eyes, including dark circles.

The vampire facial*  treatment uses micro-needling with PRP. It boosts the reproduction of your cells and tissues. When you use PRP under your eyes, the healing ability and the growth factor come into action.

They can make your hollows or bags disappear to make your skin fresh and lively again.

So why worry anymore? Let’s get on with PRP treatment and get rid of those pesky under-eye issues.

PRP Under Eyes Near Me

When Do You Need PRP For Under Eyes Treatment

Eyes are a crucial part of your face to capture the spotlight. However, eyes with bags, hollows, or dark circles can drop your confidence and self-esteem.

Make-up can help you a bit; however, it’s not a proper solution to this pesky situation.

Many cosmetic treatments can get rid of your troubles – yes – but PRP treatment is a fascinating substitute if you don’t want any risky or scary method.

Consider PRP if you notice the following-

  • Under eyes pigmentation
  • Eye hollows with or without dark pigmentation
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and poor under-eye texture
  • Eye bags
  • Loss of elasticity and firmness under your eyes

Microneedling PRP can rejuvenate the tissues at the place of application. So, using it under your eyes can help eliminate the dark circles, hollows, and even bags.

All you need is a vial of your blood, and clinicians can produce the PRP for you, stimulating the skin cells to repair and regain the fresh, natural glamor of your skin.

What Causes Under Eyes Issues: Eye Hollows, Dark Circles, And Bags

Dark circles, bags, and hollows are harmless but significantly lower your confidence. However, you need to know first how they appear to treat it.

Under-eye issues primarily occur as the skin cells tissues start to get weaker. The skin cells grow older and lose their liveliness as you grow older.

Baggy Eyes

Can you see mild swelling around your eyes? It’s baggy eyes. Many reasons cause the muscles around your eyes to swell up.

As you grow older, muscles below you, your eyes start sagging. The fat in your lower eyelid also starts to go downwards, causing the area to swell up.

Sometimes you can even have them genetically. In that case, things can get a bit difficult to resolve. Bags, in this case, can be long-lasting too.

Hollow Eyes

Aging and health issues are also the reasons for hollow or sunken eyes. If you have hollow eyes, this is most probably a result of your nutrients and the quality of your healthy living.

You might face sunken eyes at some point due to-

  • Lack of vitamins
  • Dehydration
  • Lower than average sleep
  • Allergies
  • Sinuses

Dark Circles

The dark circle is another common condition – as frustrating as the others. Dark circles are usually not a sign of medical complications. Instead, the most common reason behind it is tiredness.

Other causes may include-

  • Overstress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Genetical reason

How Does PRP for Under Eyes Work?

PRP treatment is an excellent solution for your under eyes issues. If you have baggy eyes, dark circles, swollen eyes, you are very close to curing them.

As the name suggests, platelet-rich plasma treatment uses concentrated plasma. It heals tissues and cells in specific areas.

The high concentration of platelets boosts your cell regeneration. It will speed up the growth of your blood vessel under your eyes and strengthen the collagens. The result is like the effect of a magic potion that will make your skin under the eyes youthful and fresh.

If you are frustrated with your eye issue, invest some time and research PRP under eyes reviews. The result will surely motivate you to start your PRP therapy soon.

PRP Treatment, Beverly Hills is an excellent place for your under eyes treatment, PRP, Los Angeles. The doctors are highly trained and expert, providing you with your desired result in no time.

PRP Under Eyes Near Me: Preparation, Procedure, And Result

PRP under eyes treatment usually follows some steps. However, before your procedure day, you need some preparation and precaution.

Let’s learn about the preparation, procedure, and result.


Like some other treatments, PRP therapy requires you to prepare beforehand. Your doctor would suggest some limitations on your diet and medications before the treatment.

Medication such as anti-muscle swallowing and blood-thinning supplements is common to avoid before the treatment. Avoid steroid intake as well.

Also, on the day of your treatment, be sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and have a full, healthy breakfast.


On the day of your treatment, the clinic will collect a vial of your blood – typically from your arm.

They will put the collected blood in the centrifuge. The device spins your blood at high speed to isolate platelet from the other components of your blood.

They will collect the platelet-rich plasma from the container and use microinjections to inject the serum under the skin of your eyes.

To get the desirable result, doctors usually suggest having three to four sessions in three to four weeks. However, the number of sessions depends on your condition and the effect after each session.


The PRP will repair your skin cells and tissues and heal the annoying eye issues. Your skin will turn good as new and full of youth.

Generally, after two days, you should see the PRP take effect, But in some cases, it can take a couple of days longer. But you will get the benefits eventually and get rid of your eye condition.

The procedure will help you get-

  • Decreasing eye hollows
  • Reducing shadow and discoloration under your eyes
  • Restored volume.

Is PRP for Under Eyes Treatment Painful?

Your doctor will use micro-needling to inject the plasma below your eyes during the PRP treatment.

Did the word “micro-needling” give you a goosebump? Well, you can stay worry-free as the process is not painful at all.

Depending on the place that needs treatment, you might feel a bit of discomfort. But, as your doctor will use a special numbing cream, you will hardly feel a prick.

PRP Under Eyes Precaution and Downtime

PRP treatment for the under eyes procedure is painless; however, you will need a bit of downtime after the treatment.

After the process, you should avoid touching the treated area for about 6 hours. Within 1 to 2 days, you should be fully ready to return to your day-to-day busy life.

However, make sure to take care of your treated skin. Wash the area gently and avoid any exposure to sunlight.

PRP Under Eyes Side Effects

PRP is safer than other cosmetic surgeries and includes fewer side effects. As PRP contains your blood, there isn’t much of a risk.

But due to the procedure of microinjection, you may face some minor after-effects such as-

  • Minor itching
  • Mild irritation
  • A bit of bruising in the treated area.

Final Words

The platelet-rich plasma treatment is an efficient way to remove under-eye issues. Using the micro-needling process, doctors inject the platelet-rich plasma into your under-eye skin so that you can regain fresh and charming skin.

However, where to get PRP under eyes near me?

PRP Treatment, Beverly Hills, is your destination to get the desired result for your eye issues. Dr. David Nazarian and his expert team will provide you with the ideal procedure, evaluating your health, history, and the condition of your affected area. The personalized plan is perfectly suitable for you, and you will get sparkling eyes capturing everyone’s heart.

So why wait any further? Get the treatment and say adios to the pesky under eyes!


* vampire facial is a trademark of Dr. Charles Runles M.D. and this is for information purposes only

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