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Why Do I Have Dark Circles Under My Eyes? 

Dark circles under eyes to remove

Have you been feeling tired lately? Have you gotten enough to eat? Are you under unusual amounts of stress? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these, you may be showing physical symptoms of your discomfort. One of the most common physical symptoms includes bags under the eyes. If you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror to find dark circles and bags under your eyes, and it might make you look older than you actually are. 

At PRP Treatment Beverly Hills, we offer exclusive treatments to help reduce and dissolve the circles under your eyes. But before you come in for a treatment, you should know what exactly causes these circles and whether there are other health issues at play. 

Common Reasons for Dark Circles

Not every case of eye bags or dark circles is cause for concern. Some of the most common reasons why someone may form these blemishes under their eyes include:

  • Genetic disorders. Hyperpigmentation can be a predisposition you are prone to.
  • Age. Elderly individuals tend to show blemishes and circles as they get older as a sign of natural aging. 
  • Fatigue. Being overly tired can cause circles and eye bags to form under the eyes. If this is the case for you, you may want to consult with a sleep doctor to address your tiredness. 

Aside from fatigue, the above reasons are generally no cause for concern. However, if you are noticing the circles under your eyes more than usual lately, you may want to seek beneficial treatment 

What Else Causes Bags Under the Eyes? 

You may be suffering from allergies or dry eyes, which can affect you seasonally or for medical reasons. Healthline mentions that many different problems can occur when the eyes do not produce as many tears as they should. This could be one of the contributing reasons to your dark circles. 

You may also be overexposed to the sun. Too much melanin produced by the sun’s rays can change the color of your skin, giving you darker circles in sensitive places like you would find beneath the eyelids.

The Best Treatment Options

At PRP Treatment Beverly Hills, we offer our very own treatment for dark circles. Our under-eye PRP treatments lighten the circles and rejuvenate your skin so you can regain a healthy, youthful look. 

There are a few at-home treatments you can try as well. For milder cases of eye circles, you can apply a cold compress out of a rag and some water. This can reduce any swelling or irritation you may feel around your eyes. 

You might also be able to apply some soaked tea bags to the area where the dark circles are. Tea has a lot of natural antioxidants that draw out toxins while simultaneously rejuvenating the area. Our suggestion is black tea, but green tea is great too!

More About PRP Under Eye Treatment

Our PRP treatments for eye circles are popular because there is absolutely no surgery required. Our natural injections can improve your complexion without the need for surgery. Circles under your eyes are typically a blemish, and not indicative of a deeper medical issue. At worst, you are dealing with fatigue and stress, and you should invest in some self-healing methods to rid yourself of the negative energy keeping you awake at night. 

Our injections are simple. By extracting some plasma from your blood, we then return it to the specific location where we want the healing to occur – which, in this case, is under the eyes. The plasma immediately starts working with your own cells to rejuvenate this skin on your own. 

If you have additional questions or concerns about our PRP treatments, or you’d like to get more information on the different procedures we offer, we invite you to contact us online at any time. You can also give our friendly experts a call at 1-844-669-0939 to set up the first consultation. We look forward to helping you! 

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