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PRP Treatment for Knee Conditions

Platelet-rich plasma (also known as “PRP”) has been shown to promote healing when injected into the body. Plasma is a part of the blood containing proteins that help one’s blood to clot and support cell growth. When your physician takes a sample of your blood, they are able to isolate the plasma. The process includes a machine called a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates and pulls out your blood’s platelets and plasma. How does PRP treatment for knee conditions work? To learn more about platelet-rich plasma therapy in Beverly Hills, contact us today!

PRP Treatment for Knee Conditions

When PRP is isolated, it is injected into your joints. The mixture of PRP contains certain substances that can promote healing. Studies have shown that in general, people see significant clinical improvements with PRP injections.

The knee is a very complex part of the human body and is often prone to injury. Injury can be due to various factors including tendon injuries, acute injuries, or osteoarthritis. Intense physical activity, weight gain, and aging can also cause wear and tear. Joint pain treatment for tendonitis or ligament conditions widely uses PRP treatment for knee issues. As mentioned, patients who undergo PRP injections report increased joint function and reduced pain. The PRP injection process includes a direct injection into the joint space to support the body in regeneration and healing. The restorative and regenerative properties found in PRP are extremely high. Reach out to PRP Treatment in Beverly Hills to learn more about PRP treatment for knee conditions that may be plaguing you.

PRP Treatment for Knee in Beverly Hills

PRP Treatment Beverly Hills provides a wide variety of PRP therapies and injections. Ideal candidates include those who experience joint or tendon pain, muscle aches, or chronic knee pain. In addition, PRP treatment for knee problems is perfect for those seeking a more natural solution to alleviate their pain. The treatment is minimally invasive and does not require any in-patient surgery. The injection and PRP therapy recovery time are typically very fast with minimal downtime. Patients may experience slight discomfort or irritation for a short period after the treatment. However, recovery time is minimal as compared to in-patient surgical procedures.

PRP treatment for knee issues involves injecting PRP into the affected area. Because PRP derives from the patient’s own blood, it can effectively promote healing and decrease inflammation in the area. When a person is hurt, platelets clot and coagulate to treat our wounds. PRP treatment can speed up the healing process by increasing the platelet count and invigorate the healing process. This treatment is now used by hundreds of medical professionals and is becoming more prominent in the United States. This is because the PRP injections are safe, effective, and supported by many doctors.

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PRP Treatment & Therapy Specialist Beverly Hills - David Nazarian

Dr. David Nazarian

PRP Treatment Beverly Hills is different as we focus on providing you with the most comfortable, safe, and friendly environment. The office provides comfort and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your safety. Dr. David Nazarian is a PRP treatment specialist and is Board Certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine. His educational and medical training background includes some of the top universities and hospitals in the nation. Dr. Nazarian uses the most up-to-date techniques and instruments to extract the highest amount and most effective PRP for therapeutic use. He has over ten years of experience and participates in the medical community through research, publishing, and working at numerous top medical institutions and medical facilities.